What is a STNL?

STNL stands for Single Tenant Net Lease and is used to describe Net Leased investments which are leased to one single tenant.  Most NNN Leased Investments are STNL’s, however many NNN deals have two or more tenants.  An example of a NNN deal with more than one tenant would be a Starbucks Coffee & Metro PCS which share a building under two separate NNN Leases or a retail strip center where all tenants are wrapped into one NNN Lease. Both examples would be considered NNN Leased Investments; however they would not be STNL’s. The risk of default is spread out over more than on tenant in such NNN deals (i.e. Either Starbucks or Metro PCS corporate goes bankrupt, the other tenant continues to pay the rent due under their NNN lease) and can appeal to investors seeking to avoid putting all their eggs in one basket, though the investor no longer benefits from the simplicity of collecting one rent check from one tenant.

ref: http://gregorygarver.com/net-net-net/nnn-lease/nnn-stnl.html


About nnnbroker

NNN Brokers USA Commercial Real Estate covers all major product types with a focus on net lease commercial properties located in the San Francisco Bay Area and triple net leased investments across the USA. NNN properties are extremely attractive in today’s economic environment. With cap rates steadily increasing, and inventory at an all time high, now is a great time to buy. Of late, NNN Brokers USA Commercial Real Estate has been utilizing tax deferred 1031 exchanges for its clients. We have assisted many long term owners with large equities in exchanging their properties into national triple net leased buildings which eliminate managerial duties and provide a fixed, passive income. NNN Brokers USA Commercial Real Estate offers decades of extensive knowledge which comes from the years of experience that it has under its belt. NNN Brokers USA Commercial Real Estate has expanded its reach across the country exchanging various properties such as Advanced Auto, AutoZone, O'Reilly's, CVS Pharmacy, Save-On Drugs, and various Government leased buildings.
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